to a sorting station or hazardous waste collection free of charge for households

• Lead-acid batteries for vehicles and machinery
• Energy-saving light bulbs, fluorescent lights
• Perfume, aftershave, nail varnish, nail varnish remover
• Coolant and brake fluid
• Gas cylinders and cartridges
• Plant protectants and pesticides and their packaging
• Uncured paint, glue and varnish waste and their aerosol cans
• Impregnated wood
• Used oil, oily waste (e.g. cotton waste), oil filters
• Unusable fire extinguishers with powder inside
• Solvents, such as turpentine, acetone, petrol and solvent-based detergents
• Wash water of painting tools
• Pressurised packages, such as hairspray cans (that slosh or hiss)
• Wood preservatives and impregnants
• Cleaning and disinfecting agents with warning labels
• Batteries for electric bikes and scooters

Identify, sort and deliver to collection!