in the property’s collection container or to an eco take-back point

• Corrugated cardboard boxes
• Ready meal packaging, take-away containers
• Beverage multipacks, such as 6-packs and fully enclosed cartons
• Carton containers, such as milk and juice cartons (including aluminium-lined)
• Dry food packaging, such as cereal and biscuit packages, flour bags and bread bags with windows
• Wrapping papers, such as copying paper wrappers
• Paper bags and carriers
• Pizza boxes, egg cartons
• Toilet and kitchen paper cores

How to recycle?

• Make sure that the packages are empty, dry, flattened and packed inside each other before taking them to be recycled.
• If necessary, rinse the packages with cold water and let them dry.
• Sort any plastic caps into plastic packaging collection and dirty packages into mixed waste.

What’s the outcome?

Envelopes, carton packages, corrugated cardboard and various carton cores