Kainuun jätehuollon kuntayhtymä


Rinki-Ecopoints (Eco-Recysling Points) are meant for household packages (cardboard, glass and metal packaging). They are located most of case near markets or other public services. 
Local Ecopoints (in Finnish)

Local Waste Collection Points

Local Waste Collection Points are for summer residents and homes that have not a deal with the waste transport companies. They are situated in the areas of scattered settlement near village or route of the most important ways.

Points are waste rooms where can be taken small quantities of waste, there are bins for paper and daily mixed waste for energy (mixed waste can not contain biological waste).

Not take Local Waste Collection Points hazardous waste, electrical and electronic equipment, wood waste, metal, plastic, biological waste, furniture or other big item.
Local Waste Collection Points (in Finnish)

Waste sorting Stations

Waste Sorting Stations accept big household waste, such as plastic, paper, metal, class, ceramics, wood waste, brushwood and garden waste, electrical and electronic equipment (like: refrigerators, freezers, televisions, radios, computers and kitchen equipment) and hazardous waste. All stations are controlled by an operator, who checks the incoming material.

Majasaari Waste Centre (in Finnish)
Waste Sorting Stations (in Finnish)
Waste sorting (in English)