Kainuun jätehuollon kuntayhtymä

Basic rate is collected all apartment and summer residents. They can take all recycling waste and hazardous waste to a Waste Sorting Stations. 

Rates in the 2018:
empty apartment 7,00 €/year
apartment with one inhabitant  14,00 €/year
apartment with two inhabitants 21,00 €/year
apartment with more than two inhabitants 28,00 €/year
summer apartment 10,00 €/year

Local collection rate is collected by those apartments and summer residents that have not made a deal with the waste transport companies. They can take paper and daily mixed waste to the Local Waste Collection Points.

Rates in the 2018
empty apartment none payment
apartment with one inhabitant 50,00 €/year
apartment with two inhabitants 100,00 €/year
apartment with more than two inhabitants 150,00 €/year
summer apartment 42,00 € / year