Kainuun jätehuollon kuntayhtymä

Municipal Waste Authority of Kainuu

Municipal Waste Authority of Kainuu (Ekokymppi) was established in 2001 and it co-operates with nine municipalities; Hyrynsalmi, Kajaani, Kuhmo, Paltamo, Puolanka, Ristijärvi, Sotkamo, Suomussalmi and Vaala. Ekokymppi is responsible for the management of waste in its operating area. 

Ekokymppi takes care of reception, recycling, treatment and final disposal of waste and consultation / information on the waste matters in the province of Kainuu and Vaala community. Ekokymppi has organised wide and environmentally friendly waste receiving services for its inhabitants.

Domestic waste is collected mainly by the waste transport companies in the residential areas. Some 130 Local Waste Collection Points are situated in the areas of scattered settlement for summer residents and homes that have not a deal with the waste transport companies. Each one of the nine communities has a Waste Station for hazardous waste and  for small quantities of sorted recyclable materials. Majasaari Waste Centre is situated in Kajaani.  

Approximately 30 Eco-Recycling Points for recyclable materials like paper, cardboard, glass and metal packaging are located in the province of Kainuu and Vaala community (Rinki Oy takes care of them).

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